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Off-Road Caravans and Camper Trailers | Heating Water Air-conditioning

14 Technologies from Kimberley so you can camp conveniently wherever you like!

One of the Four Technology "Centres of Excellence", this is the core technology to camping conveniently anywhere in Australia.

Air-conditioning in a camper trailer

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Design for comfort in off road caravans and camper trailers

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Patented "Visi-flow" water system: turn a valve and lift up to 4m high from a stream or billabong directly into hot water system by-passing water tanks. The length of the hose is not a limitation, it is the height above the water that is lifted from the stream.
mutiple-water ources for kimberley kamper karavan kruiser

Gives unlimited hot showers near water.

Grey Water tanks that allow you to leave a camp "without a trace". Our prediction is that the number of pristine camping sites that insist on fitted grey water tanks to camp will increase significantly in the years ahead. Without these, you may be asked to camp outside the National park or World heritage site.
one ot two grey water tanks available

This is convenient now and protectes your value on resale when this feature is a "must have".

Second Grey Water tank that allow you to reclaim shower water only for the onboard toilet and/or the washing machine.
reclaimed grey water under shower in off road caravan

There will be a time again in the future when water will be scarce and expensive to buy. reclaiming as much water as possible will be both economic and environmentally friendly.

Virtually instantaneous diesel hot water: 50+ degrees C in less than 5 mins at Kitchen and ensuite.
diesel hot water camper trailer off road caravan

For a typical 3 month trip, customers running all diesel devices use about 10-12 litres of diesel costing less than $20.

You can use Australian bio-diesel which abates 27kg of carbon for every litre used.

Diesel cooktop. This is a ceramic glass top that cleans easiy, just like an induction glass top. Underneath the top sealed glass is the diesel heating unit venting to the outside. There is no noise , no mess, no smell and it uses very little diesel.
diesel cooktop off road caravan

For a typical 3 month trip, customers use about 10-12 litres of diesel costing less than $20.

Di-electric membrane heater. The perfect environmentally friendly heater.
dielectric membrane heater off road camper trailer

This is 12V underbed heater that slowly heats from a 12V source warming the mattress. More importantly it keeps under the mattress dry avoiding any mould from body moisture. This was developed for people with allergies that have to have perfectly dry bedding.

Run this during the day from the solar and/or at night from the batteries for quiet warm comfort. No other fuel source needed!

Ducted diesel heating with thermostat and timed control. The ultimate in air heating systems, diesel is safe technology giving consistent performance at the lowest operating cost.

Run this from bio-diesel if you wish.

Super-Quiet Air-conditioning.
off road caravan super quiet air-conditioning

The ultimate in super quiet air-conditioning is to locate the compressor OUTSIDE of the sleeping area. All you hear id the fan unit and the compressor noise is suppressed in the background. This technology is the same split system used in homes replacing the old "window shakers" and "roof top" units in caravans.

Here it is fitted in a camper trailer.
Camper trailer air-conditioning

These units can be combined with the high performance energy systems and run from 12V batteries of low power generators in Hybrid systems.

Super Cool Tent design: combination of using a tropical roof that automatically opens AND a fan powered vent that extracts warm air at the top of the inside of the tent creating a cool air flow.
heat extraction inside all weather window

In addition, the Advanced Tent has an additional oscillating fan inside the tent.
advanced cool tent with recirculating fan

The vent is protected from the weather with an automatiuc opening "all weather" window that you can leave open even during a tropical rain storm.

Gone are the days of arriving back to camp with a hot zipped up camper bedroom!

Super insulated roof and walls of the off road caravan. The roof and walls are 20mm thick with added insulation giving a super cool design.
multi-layers of Karavan fibreglass

Many customer elect to have no air-conditioning and rely on the cross flow of breeze and insulation.


Hard Tropical roof that is a world first. Developed for a customer in Arizona where camp temperatures rise over 55 degrees C during the day, the difference this roof makes has to be experienced. There are 14 layers between the sun and inhabitants as well as 35mm air gap! The roof is made from 1.2mm aluminium alloy with the Super thin solar sandwiched on the top to form a composite layer, thin but tough.
hard top tropical roof off road caravan

The result is a quieter cooler space that just feels like luxury in the bush!


Driver's side awning that attaches to the main body of the Kamper or Karavan or Kruiser giving awning protection over wndows and sun protection for the western setting sun.
tropical roof awning drivers side

A great luxury for added comfort and protection from the sun.


Super high internal clearance for tall people who wish to walk straight through.

The Karavan has 2.2m clearance.
high walk through clearance off road caravan

The Kruiser has 1.905m clearance in the main walk through area.


LED Lighting. There is tradeoff of lighting intensity and attracting insects. All the Kimberley LED lights have NO UV in their spectrum and are set over 6500 degree Kelvin in colour temperature. However, high intensity will still atract insects. So the dimmable technology used gives the bast of both worlds.
round dimmable LED in Kimberley range

The large high intensity readinging lights have no visible LED "dots" that give an irritating multiple shadow point. The LEDS reflect internally then through a dispersion glass for a 150mm even clean light.

Magnetic strip lights are used for additional outside lighting while camping. Switches at the light and all 'single body" switches that are vibration proof.

• - indicates this technology is available for this model as either a standard inclusion or as a priced option. To see what is included on each model please see individual pricing sheets available online.

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