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Kimberley Karavan Off-road caravan Flexible Solar Panels

Every Kimberley off-road caravan now comes with solar power as standard (2012 models onwards).

The 2012 Kimberley Karavan now has a minium of 220W of solar power as standard. We do this using our 'Super Thin' Roof Mounted solar panels system. This utilises super thin solar panels which are bonded directly to the caravan canopy for super light weight, less parts and less wind drag. This system provides less than 7kg weight on the roof (for 220W) and gives us more than 50% higher output than the previous 140W solar panel arrangement. These panels will be available in 3 configurations depending on model - 220W, 330W & 415W. The advantages of a roof-mounted system:

  • Permanently connected system
  • Angled on 3 sides to give an average as the Sun moves around

Super Thin Solar (right): The new super thin panels are shown for comparison with our previous generation 'framed' glass solar panels.Super Thin Solar (below): The new super thin solar panels sit almost flush with canopy and are bonded directly to the surface.

Kimberley off-road caravan super thin solar panel comparison

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Kimberley off-road caravan solar panels