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2016 Offroad Caravan Models Range

Compact Lightweight Off Road Caravan in 3 Models.

Kimberley Karavans off-road caravans are known for their innovative features, rugged construction and ability to help you live your life’s adventure in out-of-the-way places. The 2016 model range builds on all of the strengths of our 2015 models and adds extra features designed to make your life in the bush that much more enjoyable.

New 2016 Features:offroad caravan handy pricing guide download link

New Ultra-light Kwik Awning and walls is a great lightweight awning:

  • Made from the lightest Australian made canvas.
  • Kwik awning stays on the caravan all the time and is setup at shoulder height before the top is raised
  • Has 2 end walls and a front door entrance with midge-proof windows you see straight through

New Low Speed Dust Buster for Karavanoffroad caravan handy pricing guide download link

For those travelling in heavy dust at low speed we have improved our pressurizer to be fan assisted.

Dual fans installed and a surface area of double the size to increase the maintenance interval.

2016 Model Karavan with Automatic Satellite can be stored in Garage with 2125 mm clearance

If you have limited storage height and you want an off-road caravan with an automatic satellite system, then we have a solution for 2016. The air-suspension on the Karavan allows you to drop the height down to the bump stops. Adding the travel wheels brings the height down to less than 2125mm. If you dont want a satellite system, it can be less than 2000mm. This is NOT a pop-top. There is no canvas or vinyl sections.

All Hatches in Karavan and Kruiser are now Fan Forced

In National parks and World Heritage sites where generator use is banned or limited, you cant run the air-conditioner at night. So we focused on how to get improved air flow inside the Karavan and Kruiser.

  • New hatches that were previously just the push open type, are now fan-operated hatches.
  • You can sleep with 2 running pulling air in from the side windows at the bed level for improved comfort.
  • You can change the direction of the air flow: pulling in or pushing air out.
  • Standard on every model in the Karavan and Kruiser range where the existing hatch was a standard push type.
3 Off Road Caravan Models , Same Chassis, Same Fibreglass Outside Components, Different Inclusions and Finish
2016 Kimberley Karavan

2016 Kimberley Karavan
Limited Edition

2016 Kimberley Karavan
Eco-Suite Signature Edition


Price incl. GST, Pick up from Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges. (February 2016)
"These prices are effective from February 1st 2016. For orders placed before this date, the previous prices and product specs apply"

Kimberley Karavan Classic Offroad Caravan
Kimberley Karavan Limited Edition offroad caravan
Kimberley Karavan Eco-Suite Signature Edition Offroad Caravan

Included Features in the Classic model:

  • Lasercut, interlocked, hot-dipped galvanized Chassis
  • 5 Year Chassis & Suspension Warranty
  • Coil Springs
  • FOX Mono-tube Shocks
  • Independent Suspension
  • Electronic disc brakes – twice stopping power
  • “One touch” parking brake - safe.
  • TREG heavy-duty offroad coupling
  • Heavy-duty pull-out steps
  • $925 Wheels & Tyre Allowance
  • Aluminium “No Timber” construction
  • Cast Polyethylene floor - long life.
  • 300L Multibox front storage box, space for 2 x 20L Jerry Cans + Space for generator
  • 12L Diesel Tank for Hot water system & cooktop
  • Dual Water System with 120L + 70L Water Tanks with monitoring
  • Water Tank Outlet Tap
  • Cold Water Filter
  • 200Ah AGM Deep-cycle Batteries
  • 40A Intelligent Battery Charger
  • 600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Battery Power & Capacity Meter with Digital Display
  • Anderson Plug cable for efficient charging
  • 220W Super-Thin Solar Panels - 70% lighter
  • 2.2 x 3.0m Kwik Awning
  • Solid Surface Kitchen Benchtops with stainless steel sink, hot & cold water and integrated draining rack
  • 133L Upright Fridge with remote cooled compressor, elevated speed and freezer
  • Diesel-powered Ceramic Cooktop
  • Outside Galley Kitchen slide with 2-burner Stove (w/griller) and Stainless steel bench attached
  • Large single WOK burner with large wind deflector ring
  • 2 x 4kg LPG bottles with quick connect stainless steel gas lines
  • 4 sets LED lights in canopy
    (1x over shower and 3x overhead)
  • 2 sets of LED lights in base - 1x rear boot & 1x outside kitchen)
  • DVD / CD / MP3 / AM /FM Player with 2 internal speakers
  • Diesel Hot Water Essentials System
  • Dual Layer Foam Mattress (Queen Size)
  • Magazine Racks
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Privacy Screen
  • Electric flush toilet with One-touch access to cannister
  • Shower-ready Fibreglass ensuite (shower not included)
  • Outside Hot & Cold Shower at rear
  • Rhinosuede Seating
  • Furniture Constructions is all alloy 70% lighter
  • Forest-friendly timber Drawer fronts
  • Chrome-plated brass Italian catches
  • Slide-out Solid Surface Table with 3-positions

Add these features to take the Classic model to a Limited Edition Spec:

  • Air Suspension
  • Anti Sway Bar
  • Electric Steps with integrated LED lighting
  • $1,500 Wheels & Tyre Allowance
  • Dual Water System with 120L + 70L Water Tanks with Smart Touch Digital Monitoring
  • 60L Grey Water Tank
  • 168Ah Lithium Batteries - 75% lighter
  • 1600W Pure Sine Inverter with 60A Battery Charger Combination Unit
  • Smart Touch Intelligent Digital Power & Battery Monitoring with touch screen control/display
  • 240V DIN Rail mounted Lightning & poor power Surge Protector
  • Choice of 3 Different Canvas Packages to suit your needs (includes awning and combination of walls)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Master Galley Kitchen with Weber® BabyQ™ BBQ
  • 4x Sets LED lights - 2x Underbench, 1x exterior and 1x magnetic outside kitchen light.
  • Add Visiflow to Diesel Hot Water System so you can pump water from stream or billabong automatically
  • Bed Step with integrated Diesel Powered Space Heater
  • Pocket Innerspring Mattress
  • Comfort TRIM PAK - small seat bolster cover & long utensil storage lids for outside kitchen.
  • Inside Hot & Cold Shower


Add these features to take the Limited Edition model to an Eco-Suite Signature Edition Spec:

  • Air Suspension with On-Board Compressor, air tank and paddle valves
  • Drawbar Extension for revolutionary reverse turning
  • 240Ah Lithium Batteries - 75% lighter
  • 528W Super-Thin Solar Panels - 70% lighter
  • 5x Sets high-output microsun LED lights in canopy
  • DVD / CD / MP3 / AM /FM Player with 2 internal speakers + 2 exterior speakers
  • Underbed membrane heater
  • Split System Air-conditioner
  • FAN-Tastic Roof Vent Fan
  • Stainless Steel Fridge Door Insert
  • Bed Walls & Lobster Tail lined with soft fabric
  • Macro-hide seating

NOTE: Please consult the "Kimberley-Karavans-OffRoad-Caravans-Detailed-Price-Book" pdf document for the final spec and option pricing for the latest Kimberley Karavan models.

offroad caravan handy pricing guide download linkoffroad caravan handy pricing guide dowmload link

NOTE: These prices are effective from February 1st 2016. For orders placed before this date, the previous prices and product specs apply.
Price incl. GST, Pick up from Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges. (February 2016)

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