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Discover the unique technology used in the Kimberley Karavans offroad caravans

Technology that gives you –

  • Multi-Energy System
  • Visi-flow™ Water System

Multi-Energy System

Virtually all Caravans rely solely on LPG and many rely on site power or generators for electrical energy.

Reliance on LPG can cause many annoyances. When LPG is burned, one of the by-products is water vapour, which contributes to excessive humidity and condensation inside the caravan. LPG can be difficult to find in remote areas, and it's difficult to top off a partially full cylinder.

Generators are frequently loud and only provide power when running. Many National Parks now prohibit the use of generators (sometimes after certain hours). Any appliances that rely on generator current to run will not be operational unless the generator is running.

Kimberley Karavans are supplied with multiple energy sources to get the most efficient use out of each energy type. Generator power is catered for but only needs to be used when absolutely essential.

Kimberley Karavans are designed with energy conserving devices like LED lighting throughout, diesel hot water, and remote compressor refrigerators.   In these refrigerators, the external compressor and condenser can be more easily cooled increasing efficiency.

By reducing energy consumption, batteries and solar power are more practical and diesel heating systems are dramatically more efficient than LPG. Historically these systems have been expensive, but with the OEM buying volume of Kimberley Kampers and step changes in technology, they are now affordable.

In addition, LPG is provided for an outside Burner/BBQ. This is a practical requirement if there is a ban on open fires or simply for a quick “bacon and eggs” in the morning.

The Kimberley Karavan does have a generator storage box that allows up to a 2kVA generator to operate without removing from the box. This generator will operate the optional air-conditioner.

Summary of Multi-Energy Technology provided for Kimberley Karavans (some items may be options)

Energy System Available

Capacity in days typical use

Ease of use

1. Batteries

Up to 5.2 days
(before charging of 350Ah system)

Maintenance free AGM Batteries

Combined with Superlight solar, stay can be virtually weeks at a time. Battery capacity from 160Ahrs Lithium to 250Ahrs.
(This does depend on extent of usage)

Super Lightweight
Lithium Batteries

2. Solar

Traditional glass encapsulated solar up to 180W will recharge batteries in the winter sun while you are relaxing!

Plug and Play

Super Thin Solar will recharge and is a fraction of the weight!
Always on and is automatic
3. Fuel Cell
This methanol based superlight energy source weighs only 3% of the equivalent weight of AGM batteries. Typically the system weighs 7kg and fuel cartridge is 8kg
Can operate automatically when there is no sun for generator free power. (will not run air cnditioner)

4. 1000 W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Will operate Microwave, computer, camera and phone chargers

Seamless operation with auto cut-over when 240V external power is connected

5. 240V Generator

Limited by fuel capacity

Stays in the generator box for operation.

6. LPG Outside Burner

20.8 days

Piezo start

7. Diesel Cooker

20 days

One switch and temp adjustment

8. Diesel Hot water

One switch with built-in timer

Summary of practical benefits of Energy Saving appliances

Energy Saving Technology

Saving in Energy over traditional devices

Extra Battery Life without need for charging

Reduction in Kgs of LPG Required for 20 days

LED Lighting

80% saving

1.5 days additional usage from Batteries

 Space Heater 
Low power fan 10W
3.2 kgs of LPG

Diesel Cooker

40% saving


20 kgs of LPG

Diesel Hot water

60% saving

Diesel Cooktop

The diesel cooktop uses the same proven technology that Webasto have used for years. The diesel is atomized over a Platinum/ Stainless Steel mantle which initially glows and ignites the diesel. Once started, the system is virtually self sustaining with the only power needed being for the fan system.

Temperature profile of ceramic top on highest setting

The three billy on test with 1 litre in each one.

Visi-flow™ Water System

Adequate fresh water capacity is essential for extended remote camping, and the Kimberley Karavan has a multi-source fresh water supply system called Visi-flow™.

A dual tank system allows you to access different water quality so that you can preserve the “pure” drinking water for every day drinking water or for your tea.

In addition there is a third water inlet that is used for mains pressure water or for pumping from a nearby water source with up to 3-4m of head. A simple valve system switches to the remote water source and bypasses the on-board tanks.

The hot water systems operate using a diesel heater. The heater operates a simple circuit through a stainless steel heat exchanger that heats the water passing through the heat exchanger. As a result, the water being heated passes independently of the heater and so multiple water sources can be used.