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Location: Kimberley Owners Section -> Service Support
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Offroad Camper Trailers & Caravans | Service Support

As a Kimberley Owner, you will have little need to contact your dealer or the factory after purchase.
However, should you need any component or accessory, please contact your dealer directly or call the factory to discuss your needs.

We have over 20 Service Locations aroundAustralia. A Picture says a thousand words!

Some of these are electrical specialists, others handle service on Dometic products like Airconditioners.
The Map below has a list of all available service Locations but not all locations off service on all aspects of our product.

Call the service centre in Ballina on 02 6620 6820 to enquire on the best location for your needs.

This telephone number links via voice prompts with our long hours mobile phone support for when we are closed.

The Service Procedure we follow is: 

  1. We need your chassis (or VIN) before we can generally proceed
  2. We need to know where you are and your contact details
  3. We need to know the level of urgency
  4. We go from there...

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