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Offroad Caravan | Boat Motor and Trailer System

Discover the how to carry an outboard motor and folding boat trailer with your Kimberley Karavans offroad caravan

You can carry a boat, folding boat trailer and outboard motor with a Kimberley Karavans X-Series offroad caravan. This model has a lighter drawbar weight than other models so it suitable to have an optional carry frame mounted above the front Multibox storage box. There are a few limitations on motor size and it requires a Kimberley Fold-up Boat trailer.
Here is how it works:

  1. Boat must be mounted on top of your tow vehicle (a lightweight Kimberley RIB is ideal)
  2. Fold-up Boat Trailer is mounted above the front Multibox storage box & under the rear tail section
  3. Outboard Motor is mounted on custom-designed rack above Multibox*
    (*only suitable for some outboards up to 15hp two-stroke).
Kimberley Karavan X Series Outboard and Folding Boat Trailer carry frame Kimberley Karavan X series Folding Boat trailer Carry frame