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Offroad Caravan | Layout

Discover the clever layout of the Kimberley Karavans offroad caravan.

Kimberley Karavan
(some options are shown)

off-road caravan layout 1


off-road caravan Layout 2

Storage Total Space in Litres (approximate)
Clothes Drawers (2) 140 Litres
Under Seat (2) 150 Litres
Kitchen drawers (4) 140 Litres
Cupboards(2-4) 136 Litres +
Multi-box 160 litres
Rear Boot 410 Litres
Pole Carrier 100 Litres
Total 1263 Litres


              Dimensions of Layout as shown:

Liveable size when open Length 4950mm (16.25ft) and 1750mm Wide

DIMENSIONS Kimberley Karavan™

Travelling Length (mm)


Width (mm)

Mudguards 1950 mm
Body 1870mm

Travelling Height (mm)

2100mm (Air Spring)
2190mm (Coil Spring)

Reduced to 1980mm for garage when using parking wheels and air-suspension

Height after deflating tyres for entry into garage


Wheeltrack (mm)


Ground clearance (mm)


Opened overall Length


Opened inside length


Opened inside walk height


Bed Size

2100mm x  1600mm