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Offroad Caravan | Unique Features

Discover the unique features of the Kimberley Karavans offroad caravan.

More than TWICE the number of signature features of any other off-road caravan – in a class of it’s own!

Daytime view of Queen Size Bed from Saloon area


Signature Off-Road Feature

Why important for off-road travel

or Optional

Previously the rules at Purnululu were that no caravans were permitted within the Park, although off road trailers were. Then in 2006 WA DEC gave permission for the Kimberley Karavan to enter.

This has opened the way for other brands and recently DEC decided to review this policy:

  • SINGLE AXLE off road or heavy duty trailers, caravans and other towable units ARE permitted in the park.
  • DUAL AXLE trailers, caravans and other towable units ARE NOT permitted into the Park and will be asked to leave.

No wider than a 4WD*

Standard rear vision mirrors, goes wherever a 4WD can go – minimises fuel consumption.

No Longer than a 4WD*

Balanced length – goes wherever a 4WD can go!

Nearly same height as 4WD

Less windage, safer when passing road trains, will fit under most garages – minimises fuel consumption.

Low centre of gravity because of Monocoque Cocoon Top

Lower than most other off-road caravans makes it easier to tow in the harsh off-road!

Tracking width of wheels same or very close to 4WD*

Essential for sand and soft conditions – reduces fuel costs and take it wherever your 4WD can go!

Suspension is complete with coil springs, adjustable swing arms, override stops

Not only a tough suspension, but one that keeps you on the road

Monotube shock absorbers

The prime role of shock absorbers is too keep the rubber on the road for safety and better vehicle control. Monotube shocks run cooler and have aspherical stainless steel bushes for tough conditions while still keeping the caravan nimble.

Match Wheels and Tyres to most vehicles

Fewer spares to carry

Disc Brakes – maintenance free activated by  electronic controller (override type)

No internal hidden magnets or drums that require maintenance. Disc brakes operate in all weather conditions.

Electronic control of the Disc Brakes – activated from vehicle

Electronic activation for safe control from vehicle gives you the ultimate in braking.


LaserLocked™ Chassis – hot dipped galvanised

A laser cut chassis with interlocking components is lighter and stronger than a conventional larger heavy cross section saw cut chassis

Totally sealed because there is no LPG appliance inside

Any internal LPG appliance must be vented (even while travelling) otherwise there is a serious safety issue. Vents let dust in.

Built-in outside BBQ and sink

When the weather is great, cook outside


Visi-flow™ multi-source water system with dual tanks

More than dual tanks – Can also use billabong water for hot showers and washing up without contaminating tank water.

Diesel powered cooker and hot water

Very efficient use of fuel. Saves the equivalent to over 23kgs of LPG in 20days! -  easy to use anywhere off road!

Fatigue-shield™ technology on alloy construction

No wood used in construction. However without this technology of glueing and fastening, alloy materials can fatigue crack

LED lighting throughout

LED lighting is 75% more energy efficient - however the big advantage in the outback is that it doesn’t attract bugs like other lighting. It is softer & sets a great camp feel.

POWERglide Equipped

The opening of the composite top is done with the touch of a button. The mechanical brake operates even if the power has failed.