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Enjoy hot showers in the bush...

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Where is the fine line between Authentic camping and an Oasis in the Bush?
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We have been supplying our diesel hot water system since 2006 with excellent results from the field. The main unit is manufactured in Germany by Webasto. We have had very few issues in over 1900 units fitted. The technology is proven and robust (there were mis-believers when we started with it!)

Why Diesel?
The alternative is running a Generator with an Electric Hot Water Heater or using an LPG-based system.

Electric Hot Water System
The electric hot water and generator is the most inefficient, noisy and environmentally unfriendly solution (as well as out of the 1970s). It is also the slowest. So we won't consider this as an alternative.

LPG Hot Water System
Reliance on LPG can cause many annoyances. When LPG is burned, one of the by-products is water vapour, which contributes to excessive humidity and condensation inside the caravan. LPG can be difficult to find in remote areas, and it's difficult to top off a partially full cylinder.

LPG hot water heaters directly heat the water that passes through a coil/fin heating plates. It is very important that the water is clear of impurities. As the water flow changes slightly with the pressure pump, the water temperature changes dramatically so these heaters can only be used with on board tanks and an even supply of water.

Generally, the LPG water heaters need an on-board tank which is limited in size. It takes time to initially heat the water in the tank and time to reheat once depleted.

The Diesel Hot Water System we use overcomes all of these issues because of the design of the water system and how the 2 interact.

It takes about 4min to have hot water (45°C) in the sink from startup. Starting the diesel system is a simple push of the button.

The water source can be either the large on board tank, or, with a turn of a valve, water can be pumped form a billabong or stream.

The system heats & which in turn passes through a heat exchanger to heat the water. This means that the water can be of virtually any quality/ condition and it is heated by the coolant which has its own buffer tank. The temperature transfer is more even. The water tanks and water heat exchanger can be completely flushed out during or at the end of a trip!

In our Test Trek, we had the outside hot/cold extendable shower to make it easier to use on the fly. We hosed down (using river water) several items every day. We used the diesel hot water a total of 52 times in 12 days. We managed to lift a 3.5- 4m head of water out of the Darling River with acceptable pressure.

The fine filter on the cold supply to the sink gave good filtered river. It was a little dry to the taste but perfectly fine with coffee. The second tank had the rainwater normally reserved for drinking water.

The fine filter on the cold supply to the sinkgave good filtered river. It was a little dry to the taste but perfectlyfine with coffee. The second tank had the rainwater normally reservedfor drinking water.

The overall vote by all members on the Test Trek is "No1 for the diesel hot water”. It saved endless time in boiling the billy for washing up, which for nine of us took several sessions.

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