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Offroad Caravan - Cooking Options and Layouts

The Kimberley off-road caravan features inside and outside kitchens. Cook inside when the weather turns sour and cook outside under the stars whenever you can! The inside kitchen is a fixed layout but we offer multiple layouts outside to match the way you like to cook.

Inside Kitchen

The Inside Kitchen gives you all the comforts of cooking at home. Arranged in a galley layout to best utilise interior space this kitchen has plenty of space for preparing meals, cooking & washing up. The diesel-powered cooktop is easy to use, super-efficient and means you have no LPG inside the caravan for great cooking safety. A microwave can be fitted which is always handy for defrosting or quickly heating a small meal or left-overs.

The bench tops are solid-surface for easy cleaning and low maintenance - you can place hot items on these and small scratches can be easily polished away. The solid surface material allows us to incorporate a modern looking edgeless Stainless steel sink with draining grooves cut right into the solid surface for a smooth clean finish.

Of course, every kitchen needs a fridge close by so we have an upright 133L fridge as standard. This is located right in the middle for easy access inside the kitchen and it is even easy to get to when you are stopped by the side of the road for lunch. A small freezer compartment is included within the fridge. A remote compressor is mounted away from the fridge for maximum performance.

The stainless steel sink also features hot and cold automatic running water - just switch on the pump and your are ready to go. If you want hot water the diesel-powered hot water system will have your water hot in about 3-5 mins.

You'll find plenty of storage underneath the cooktop and sink areas with cupboards and slide-out drawers ready to swallow your utensils, plates, food etc.

  1. Diesel-powered cooktop
  2. Solid-surface bench top preparation areas
  3. Microwave (where fitted)
  4. 133L upright 12V fridge (with freezer compartment)
  5. Hot & Cold automatic water
  6. Stainless steel sink
  7. Draining grooves
  8. Pantry and Utensil storage drawers on slides
off-road caravan inside kitchen
Outside Kitchen

The Kimberley Karavan off-road caravan is now available with the largest choice of outdoor cooking options ever! You can have your choice of Weber®Q® 100 BBQ, Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ or 2-Burner Cooker with Griller. These are all available with or without a 30L Drawer Fridge in the outside kitchen area (Options 1 & 2). All options feature a fold-out stainless steel preparation bench, stainless steel sink, pantry storage, cutlery storage and Hot & Cold automatic water. See photos below for the layouts.

Option 1: Master Galley Kitchen with Weber®Q® 100 BBQ
(L-R below): 30L Drawer fridge (optional), Cooker slide: Weber®Q® 100 BBQ with Pantry storage for cutlery and odds & ends (features a tray at the rear), Stainless steel sink with Hot & Cold water, integrated pantry and bi-fold Stainless steel preparation bench - pantries accessed with fold down doors, Upper storage shelf.

Kimberley off-road caravan outside kitchen

Below: All packed away neatly ready to travel - great for road side stops as it so quick to set-up and pack up again.

Kimberley off-road caravan outside kitchen
Option 2: Master Galley Kitchen with Hooded BBQ
(L-R below): Large Storage Cupboard (Optional 30L drawer fridge can be installed here), Cooker slide: Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ (or 2-Burner Cooker with Grilller available), Stainless steel sink with Hot & Cold water, integrated pantry and bi-fold Stainless steel preparation bench - Upper storage shelf.
Kimberley off-road caravan outside kitchen

Option 3: Master Galley Kitchen with full sink
(L-R) Cooker Slide: 2-Burner Cooker with Grilller or Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ, Stainless steel sink with Hot & Cold water, integrated drainer, 2x utensil compartments, cutlery draw with moulded plastic liner, fold over Stainless steel preparation bench, Upper storage shelf, pots and pans storage shelf.

kimberley karavan off road kitchen
2012 Kimberley Karavans off-road caravan outdoor camping kitchen

Sink & Preparation Bench - Option 1 & 2

Incorporated into the sink unit is a storage space for the plates and cups –or the Weber®Q® 100 BBQ utensils. This is all set beside a large stainless steel preparation bench area that folds over the top of the sink unit.

The layout of the kitchen accommodates two in the kitchen comfortably with one watching the oven and one cleaning up as you go… and keeping the cook happy!

Cooking with a Weber®Q® 100 BBQ – Roasts are easy!

The Weber®Q® 100 BBQ is constructed from robust cast aluminum, fitted with a rust resistant cast iron grill plate. Kimberley have made a special set of fittings that secures the plate for travel. With a grill area of 1200 cm2 , you can roast a size 16 chicken! You can cook roasts up to 11.5cm high with capacity to feed up to 6 people. It comes with its own recipe book that’s worth trying out.

Shelf on front edge for cutlery and preparation area plus a tray at rear for other items.

2012 Kimberley Karavans off-road caravans Weber baby Q