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offroad trailer with disc brakes

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What type of brakes are best offroad?

Our preference is Disc Brakes - maintenance free and superior in all weather conditions. There would not be a passenger vehicle sold today with drum brakes which are high maintenance and fade in wet conditions. Drum brakes are used by all “Electric Brake” systems. They also commonly can lock up on one side if gibbers and other material gets lodged inside the drum mechanism.

off road trailer electric drum brakesOur typical Disc Brakes operate when the vehicle brakes, the hitch assembly slides in a bearing and forces the master brake cylinder to operate. This type of braking is not new but it is very simple and incredibly practical. The greater the braking force of the vehicle, the higher the pressure and braking force on the trailer. There is one disadvantage with this type of brake though.


When coming down steep hills, the trailer can have a tendency to push the vehicle down the hill.

To overcome this issue, we offer as an option, electronic activation of the disc brakes.

Why is Electronic Activation of Disc Brakes the top technology in braking?offroad trailer electronic brake control
Very simply, you get the benefit of the reliability and low maintenance of disc brakes plus in-cabin control of the braking system. The brakes are operated automatically from the brake signal on your vehicle. The braking “gain” can be adjusted from inside Vehicle of Disc Brakes.

This system was designed in the USA to allow
braking of large trailer boats reversing into water. In
this application, the disc brakes are totally
submerged. The older electric brakes would not hold when wet, so an electronic to hydraulic actuator was
invented and has been on the market for more than 10 years. The hydraulic pressure is 1200PSI and the pressure is applied proportionally to the gain setting on the in car controller.

This is simply the most advanced yet easy to operate brake system. This has a One-Touch parking brake feature.