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Is there a bathroom?

YES - You can zip on a canvas Toilet/Ensuite bathroom on the camper trailer canvas tent body. It takes minutes to easily setup and has a PVC floor which is easily removable for cleaning (velcro's into place).

Is there room for the new waterless eco-toilet?


YES - In the Delta Gullwing Box Models, the new waterless toilet OR a large Porta Potti (414 x 419 x 379mm) will fit comfortably. Click here for details.

Hot Shower?

YES - If the diesel hot water system is fitted, it will give you hot and cold water right in the ensuite. If you are near a stream or billabong then you should be able to pump from it for an endless hot shower through our visi-flow system (head height and hose length will limit ability). If not then the large water tank is used.

You can carry 2 water tanks on Kimberley off-road camper trailers to reserve more water for hot showers and reserve the drinking water in a separate tank. Please read our section on Water Systems for more information.

Is there a bathroom?
offroad caravan ensuite with electric flush toilet
YES - Most Karavan models feature an internal Ensuite bathroom area. If you need more room you can add on an external canvas Ensuite bathroom under the Extended Awning. The photo above shows the internal ensuite.

Is there room for the new Waterless toilet?
YES - You can either store or use the portable toilet inside the Karavan when travelling and if you wish locate it outside with the External Ensuite option.


Hot Shower?
offroad caravan external shower at cape york
YES - Most Karavan offroad caravan models feature an internal shower with hot and cold water in the Ensuite bathroom area. If you want to shower outside you can with the external hot and cold shower at the tailgate.

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