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Kimberley Off-Road Caravan | 4 Berth Ready

Up to 4 People can travel with a Karavan off-road caravan

kimberley off-road caravan with 4 berth option

The Kimberley Karavan is the only off-road caravan in its class that travels in the same width and similar height as a medium 4WD. The patented slide-out and electric lifting function turns it into a caravan with the highest head room in the industry. However, it was originally designed for 2 people. There has been growing demand for a 4 berth option. This is now available and typical with Kimberley, its sets up in less than a minute.

The additional 2 berths come about by a simple change to the bed design. The seat back is made much wider and sits up higher when used as a seat. It is 650mm wide which is a great single size. The seat back lifts up and locks onto the wall with legs that travel to the Karavan floor. For added length, a seat bolster clips into the end towards the door entrance increasing the length to a maximum of 1800mm. It folds away in reverse in even less time. Pillows and the comforter or sleeping bags can be stored on the main Super Queen size beed while travelling and when converted back to a seat. The seat extension bolster also stores on the bed when travelling.

Access to the top bed is via the step built into the Karavan at the foot of the bed. There is a "safety rail" of contrasting leather that sits up about 300mm on the inside between an extension of the vertical legs.

The 4th Berth is the bottom seat base. This pulls out from the wall and an insert is added to increase the width to 600mm wide. It can be made the same length as the upper bed with the additional bolster. The "in between height" from the bottom bunk to the top one is 500 mm. This bed is closer to the floor and there is no need for a safety rail.

In both cases the "pillow" end is up against the slideout bedroom leaving the clip in bolsters to handle the feet end.

In the video below, we interview 2 "campers" testing the bunk beds: Lach, 10 who is 132cm and Grace , 14 who is 162cm. 

There are 3 options to the type of material used in the Karavan seats and back rests:

  1. "Macro-suede" breathable suede like material that is cool and soft yet very robust.
  2. "Macro-suede Hide Pattern". This is breathable suede like material that is cool and soft yet very robust but has a cow hide impression on it to look like the real thing.
  3. Premium Australian leather. Soft but robust Australian supplied leather which is durable and long wearing.
The seats in a Kimberley Karavan will seat 4 inside. 3 moderate sized people on the long seat and one large person on the short seat. When converted to a bed, the short seat is still available to sit in and read if required.
The layout is shown below. A clever innovation which is patented in the Kimberley Karavan is the slide out table. When the bed is setup, this table can be pulled out a small distance, enough for a sandwich or glass of milk before bedtime.
The air-conditioning and heating options in the Karavan do not impinge on the 4 berth option. There are 2 alternatives to the air-conditioning: The traditional roof mounted unit or the Split system with the remote compressor reducing noise down to just the fan.
With both bunks in place and children sleeping here is what you can still do without having to move them:
  • Access both sides of the Queen Master Bed without crawling over the top of someone else
  • A degree of "privacy" without beds above your head
  • Access to the internal toilet and shower
  • Access to the Microwave and internal cooktop
  • Access to the fridge/freezer
  • Washup and access to the food preparation area inside
  • Access to one of the drawers under the Queen size bed
  • Access to the shorter seat
  • Access to the storage under the short seat
  • retrieve the table under the Queen Master bed for a short distance
  • Access to all the outside kitchen facilities.