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Offroad Camper Trailers & Camper Trailers | Lithium Battery Sizing Guide

This "How to" Guide will help you size Lithium Batteries and become knowledgable on your energy consumption

The calculator below will give you a more detailed answer to specific requirements.

Amazing Lithium Battery and Charging Guide

amazing lithium battery and charging guideKimberley have shipped over 600 Lithium Batterieswith thousands of kilometers of customer feedback and experience. 

The eBook Covers:

  • What are Lithium Iron Batteries and why are they Amazing?
    Environmental Benefits
    Performance Benefits
  • The Easy Part: installing Lithiums. The hard part is charging them.
  • There are Traps here? What are they?
  • Charging from multiple Sources
    Using 240V, Solar , Fuel Cells and Vehicle chargers
  • Discharging and Storage
  • Sizing your Lithium Batteries
  • Complete Electrical System
  • An inspiration in Lithium and Solar: Qinetiq’s “Zephyr”

DOWNLOAD An Authoritative eBook on Amazing Lithium Batteries
This covers performance and charging