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off road caravan kimberley karavanThe Kimberley Karavan, a lightweight folding off road caravan with shower and toilet can go anywhere. They are the best and most widely used lightweight off road caravans in Australia. Product quality and industry-leading innovation gives yout great re-sale value which reduces the cost of ownership to probably the lowest in Australia.

Kimberley Karavans are unique with their internal shower and toilet, comfortable internal seating and luxury finishes. There is 2.2m of head clearance. Yet they are no wider than a 4WD so can travel absolutely anywhere!reference for Kimberley off road caravan

NEW Kimberley Karavan 2015 Classic $77,777

The price should be close to $85,000 but it is $77,777.
Yes, slicing thousands off to get the Australian Outback travellers back. The base specification matches the typical classic demand by customers. The model excludes advanced items like Lithium Batteries, Smart Touch Display, Ethernet wired sensors, Air Suspension, and several other “add-on” items. These items are still available in the Limited edition Model with a list of options that you can add all the way to the top of the line Eco-suite.

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There is no other Brand of caravans or camper trailers in Australia who export globally like Kimberley.
Why not?
Great Australian designs are the blueprint for success with Australian manufacturing : Develop great designs, test and refine these designs and the exports will follow. In the general caravan and soft floor camper trailer market, Australia IMPORTS caravans and camper trailers.
Some are said to be Australian made but are assembled from imported components and worse still is that they are an overseas design. These cant be exported.
Success demands unique well thought through designs and applied technology for the Australian market!

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The Kimberley Karavan was the first off-road caravan in Australia to use "slide-out" technology in 2006.
How is the folding shape possible?
The fibreglass top of the Karavan lifts electrically and the bed slides out with interlocking side walls. It is so simple and efficient and we patented it. When closed, the Karavan can fit in a regular garage. “a product easy to use, safe to tow by a mid-size 4WD, utilizes all the Kimberley technology, yet no canvas, no "pop-top" and yet so compact. We can travel in heat or snow in absolute luxury!”. The top of the line is the "Eco-Suite".

The Kimberley Kruiser is a fullsize off road caravan with panorama windows, a full ensuite. It is a Lightweight Tandem Axle with air suspension. Go to to see this product.

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Click on the Technologies below to reveal over 50 Technologies Kimberley embrace for customers
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We design and manufacture our off road camper trailers and off road caravans in Ballina. We understand the importance of the chassis strength and flexibility. We insist that all chassies are hot dipped galvanized not only for long term corrosive resistance but more importantly, the galvaniszing process creates a high temperature which anneals the welded chassis eliminating fatigue cracks.


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Air suspension for Offroad Caravans & Campers: Diamonds in the Rough on Friday November 21, 2014

A diamond in the roughTravelling to the best parts of Australia, you will need to enjoy the ride... literally. Air suspension on offroad camper trailers and caravans is just the easiest way to do this.

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Best Outside Kitchen in an off-road Camper Trailer on Wednesday September 03, 2014

best outside kitchen for off road camper trailer This is a big statement, so what makes for the "best outside kitchen" in an off-road camper trailer? Well firstly, one that has been designed by a woman. Yes guys, we can design great suspension but when it comes to kitchens, work flow and layout, you have to engage the masters of multi-tasking. So at Kimberley we took this seriously and after extensive interviews and trial layouts came up with these requirements, courtesy of the fairer sex.

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Is the new Kimberley S Class the offroad caravan for you? on Wednesday November 12, 2014

kruiser-S-class-offroad-caravan-single-axleYou may have read that Kimberley creates products from solving problems for customers. The Kruiser Models, whether the Tandem (T) or Single Axle (S), are born from the complaint that the traditional crinkle cut side caravan does not have enough “view” reaching out into the bush you are camping in. Instead they are designed for caravan parks with spaced windows, plenty of timber panels inside and a “busy” looking “small room” interior.

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Save weight – Super thin Solar Camping Panels & Lithium Batteries on Friday March 15, 2013

offroad camping solar panels lithium batteries Kimberley Smart Weight saving is all about reducing weight on your off-road camper trailer, off-road caravan or your 4WD. You can achieve amazing weight savings using super thin solar panels and lithium batteries. To learn more about Kimberley Smart Weight saving watch the short video below. Bruce Loxton, owner of Kimberley Group, takes you on a quick tour overview of the super thin solar panels and lithium batteries you can use to achieve significant weight savings.

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Here is a great Design Guide you can download free.Off Road Caravan Design Guide

Tyre pressure monitoring using a new digital display TPMS lets the use optimize tyre pressures based on road conditions and speed. Optimizing this pressure will reduce the probability of damaging tyres & tyre wear.

off road caravan tyre pressure monitoring system

Kimberley are always wanting to surprise customers with innovative technology that lets them explore ALL of Australia. This TPMS system will manage up to 12 tyres and is available for sale from our dealers now.

Camp under the Stars in a Kimberley Karavan! Backup your photographs with all the Networking support for high End Photogrphers. Click on this link to see our Blog

Camping under Stars in a Kimberley off road caravan

We design our own steel hubs right from the block of steel for the disc brakes and matching hubs! We have found that for "off road camper trailers" and "off road caravans" a much thicker disc is required for cooling and to avoid the build up of gibbers and debris that always occurs off road. Matching hubs to your tow vehicle gives you the peace of mind that a double puncture can be easliy be managed using the "off road camper trailer" or "off road caravan" spare wheel.

Offroad Soul, Independent Spirit:
Special Guide to lowest running cost.
Download this eBook to find out how!

Kimberley are the only Brand with 5 Year Warranty on the Chassis and Suspension Arms... and this warranty transfers to second buyers in the 5 years! We can offer this as we make it in Ballina, Australia.

Service and customer support is equally important.
Kimberley has a Dealer network in 6 States Australia wide, a service network extending to remote areas and a dedicated support staff in Ballina NSW.

Meet Bart, he's travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Watch as he shares his travel experiences and discusses why he has upgraded to a Karavan from Kamper.