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Off-Road Caravans and Camper Trailers | Light Weight Materials

14 Technologies from Kimberley so you can travel and camp with the lightest ever off road camper trailer or caravan

One of the Four Technology "Centres of Excellence", this is the core technology to getting the weight down while keeping the functionality up.

The image shows the Master Galley Kitchen which is stainless steel on the upper user surfaces and powder coated alumium alloy on the remainder. The unit has to be assembled perfectly for square running on ball bearing slocking slides. (ignore the photo distortion from the wide angle)

light weight materials for off road camper trailers

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Pre-stressed alloy and stainless steel drawer and hatch combinations. This combination of stainless and aluminium needs carefull fastening for vibration proof durability. The result gives you both ultra light weight and a durable low maintenance surface.
off road stainless steel and alloy construction

stainless steel and alloy contruction of outside caravan kitchen
Kitchen slides, hatch doors, rear hatches and storage drawers use the combination cleverly.

Aluminium honeycomb-wafer skinned with solid surface ("Corian" like) material. This allows the pull out the table to extend 1.2m without risk of cracking. It gives you the perfect work surface without the weight!

aluminium honeycomb core to corian skin for off road caravan
This photo shows the honeycomb with natural marble skinned to it as part of a test we did.
off road caravan corian skinned honeycomb
This is easy to handle and super low weight.

Fibreglass wrapped alloy lateral supports for a strong tri-folding table that weighs less than 10 kgs.
off road caravan tri-folding table
Gone are the ugly piano hinges that protrude on the top of the table. Clean clear lines with the lightest table easy to clean.

Super Tropical roof: 1.2mm alloy laser cut and folded to maximize strength and still be ulta-light weight. off road caravan hard tropical roof
Lateral strength from bonding insulating material with alluminium foiloated surfaces.


Signature Delta Storage box is made from a limited number of complex alloy parts designed with flexibility and strength. The lids use a curved profile for strength. The resulting 1500 litre storage is hundreds of kilograms lighter than aluminium "chequer plate" or steel construction.
delta storage camper trailer 1500 litre
Complemented by custom extruded tie down rails and frame supports polished and annodised from our own mould.


Rolled and curved Fibreglass profile. This gives maximum strength for the minimum amount of fibreglass material. Complex to make but so strong once made, the multi-dimensional corners and alloy inserts result in the lightest designs..
This image shows a Kimberley Karavan alongside a Bushtracker in storage. The rear of each is square to the wall!
bushtracker comparison to kimberley karavan
Despite rollovers and accidents, Kimberley is not aware of any fibreglass component that has failed.


Control Ride response chassis: Hybrid steel and alloy chassis: the lightest and strongest off-road chassis for a 6m internal caravan on the market. The materials are fastened with 2 piece rivets like an aircraft with polyurethane coatings for dissimilar matels.
off road caravan hybrid lightweight chassis
It is this principlethat , like and aircraft, keeps the weight super lowfor the rugged size.


Rolled RHS window frames in alloy tube. The shape and rolling process eliminates the need for any other frame incorporated into the windows itself.
rolled alloy window frames in kimberley kruiser

The image shows the frame above the windows for the letterbox awning.
The resultant "frameless window"s are incredibly light yet strong.


Alloy rolled and formed seating. This reduces weight by two thirds yet allows maximum padding and support with 2 individual chairs.
reclining seat assembly in kimberley kruiser
Available in a man-made suede or natural Australian leather.


"No Timber" cupboards and drawers. All the Kimberley drawers and cupboards and structured in aluminium alloy and generally powder coated. The exception is the underbed storage drawers in the Kamper which are stainless steel because of the wide open size.
all aluminium cupboards on kimberley kruiser
The top overhead cupboards in the Kruiser house the pull down blinds and the letterbox awning. Only the draw fronts are presented in laminated real timber (see below) for a pleasant and luxury finish.

The weight reduction is hundreds of kilograms.

The timber cupboard and draw fronts are presented in laminated real timber for a pleasant and luxury finish.
draw front in fresh cheery wood for kimberley kruiser
However, these are sourced to minimise impact on natural resources. The cheery wood timber is sourced from USA where it is laminated. An intelligent robot scans the laminations, discards imperfections and then randomaly alligns the laminations so that there is no need for a matched set. The benefit is less waste and easy replacement by a customer should one be damaged.


"Cast Polyethylene" floor. This material is perfect for flooring as it will not absorb any moisture and can be drilled and screwed like solid timber. It is UV stable and shape stable.
cast poly ethylene floor off road caravans

This material allows plumbing and electrical conduit between the chassis area to the inside to be sealed with threaded waterproof glands and nuts for a secure installation.


"Spun Polyethylene" liner and floor. This material is perfect for the 3D shape of flooring and sides from our own mould. It will not absorb any moisture and can be drilled and screwed like solid timber. It is UV stable and shape stable.

one piece camper trailer liner

This material allows the canvas to be joined to a specially prepared joining strip clamped between this internal Polyethylene liner and the outer metal trailer. Not only is the plumbing and electrical conduit between the chassis area to the inside sealed but the sealed canvas prevents dust and inscets getting in.


Lithium Batteries for a significant reduction in "deadweight".
lithium batteries off road caravans

For the equivalent use-capacity, the Lithium technology is 75% less weight!

Super Thin Solar panels are 70% less weight for a comparable capacity. These run at a slightly higher voltage for efficient current loads and to minimise losses.
super thin solar lighteight solar panels off road caravans

The maximum size is 720W which is hundreds of kgs lighter than the equivalent glass panel array.

• - indicates this technology is available for this model as either a standard inclusion or as a priced option. To see what is included on each model please see individual pricing sheets available online.

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