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Stay comfortable and warm when you are camping

Kimberley Kampers off-road caravan heating options


"We will be in cold and sometimes freezing conditions at night. What are the heater options?"
Many people like to travel all year round - which often means cold or freezing conditions! You can travel all year round in a Kimberley with one of our excellent heating options.

Kimberley Kampers off-road camper trailer with space heaterSpace Heater
When the Karavan was released, the air-heater of choice was the 2 speed Space Heater. It is so much quieter than the larger high speed fan heater and also more economical. This heater operates by circulating the heating fluid from the hot water system through it’s tubed heat exchanger. There is a choice of 2 “super quiet” fan speeds that have as much noise as a computer fan. This unit will operate as long as the hot water circuit is functioning which can be programmed to come on at any time of the day or night for a set period of time. The Hot Water system is over 4kW of power with about half of that power available at the heater. It is located under the driver’s side of the liftup bed frame facing towards the centre of the Kamper.

Kimberley Karavans off-road caravan underbed heaterUnderbed Membrane Heater
Enjoy a warm bed - After 10 years of Experience managing under-mattress condensation, we have learnt about 3 main issues;
Condensation build-up can be partly managed with expanding under mattress mesh
People with allergies are more affected by moisture build-up in mattress bases and mattresses
Moisture is difficult to manage when the humidity is high (or raining)
We have developed our own under mattress heater that automatically eliminates condensation. It is based on the same technology used in heated car seats - a di-electric membrane with only 2x 12V wires embeded in the edges.
The heater uses only 14W for each side of the bed (there are 2 sections). This means for 6 hours use, the power consumption is only 7 Amp Hours per side.
The unit has a timer with a programmable start and stop time or a simple manual start/stop. By running in the afternoon before going to bed, the pre-heated bed will be very comfortable on cold nights in the desert!
The di-electric membrane heats up and radiates heat up through your mattress. Our testing and customer feeback is that this provides enough heat to keep you warm no matter what the conditions outside. Our customer feedback is that once you’ve tried it you’ll never want to go without it again!
Very safe to use - The di-electric membrane was developed as a heater for pet beds and vehicle seating. The key features that make it safe to use are:
1. Power reduces as temperature rises,
2. There is no wire element (plastic is the element),
3. Because it runs on 12V
Programmable timer
The heater membranes are controlled with a programmable timer. You can set it to start and finish according to personal taste.

After you have had a week away with the heater, there is no going back!