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Fuel Cell in a Kimberley

Environmentally-friendly 12V power in the bush...


From: Bart Vanarey <>

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 21:37:14 +1100

To: Rick Martin<>

Subject: Re: Testimonial on Fuel Cell in Kimberley


Hi Rick,


After 12 years of travelling around  in a Kimberly Kamper, We bought a Kimberly Karavan.. The New X Series.

Wow, what a change.

After 12 years of carrying a generator, the weight of the fuel,  the noise of the generator, and the general WORRY about whether you have enough power in my batteries to run your accessories, I decided to invest in the Fuel Cell.

A new era has arrived.

One day of clouds or rain, no worries, my batteries have enough power stored. Two days of rain or cloud, Hmmm, "I hope it clears tomorrow". Three days of cloud or rain and most campers would be looking to run the vehicle or move their camp because there is not enough power in the batteries to run the fridge and TV. Day 4 is out of the question, "Let’s move".

NOT ANY MORE.... Set the Fuel Cell to 'Auto' and forget.

When my batteries gets to 12.4Volts, the Fuel Cell kicks in and generates up to 186 amp-hours per day.. No worries. I love it.

A 10 litre container of methanol lasts us somewhere between 3 and 6 months of travel. Not bad.

Camping and travelling around Australia is all about where you are and what you are doing... not about worrying about how much power is in your batteries.

This unit has completely changed how long we can stay in one place and where that place is situated.

It may be on a beach, in a desert, up in the high country or in any area where you are experiencing bad weather.

No worries, not any more, I love it.

Let's get out of here...






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