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Digital Darkroom for your Photography Off-Road

Kimberley have many passionate photographers who have contributed to this application solution
that makes use, charging and processing of photographs so easy

digital darkroom support in off road caravan with 12v network hub

What a terrific photograph by a customer passionate about his photography while camping! We have so many customers like this so we developed together with customers "digital darkroom" support for the high end user.

If you love photography, and travel Australia, read about the most professional setup in an off road caravan for camera charging, backing up data and networking. You may blog/post your images and stories or save for later. Either way, you dont want to lose any data or images so backing up all your material is essential. Dust, heat and vibration are the enemy of cameras or laptops so having a professional system in the caravan or camper trailer makes life easier.

You may be making a movie of your travels. There is a quite a boom in movie making again. Editing and compiling the movies is very data intensive and you will definitely benefit from a digital darkroom with the large storage and backups required.

The 4 x 2 Principle works here too: Whatever you think you need for battery power and data backup size today, you will need 4 times that in for 2 years time.

The advent of faster NextG Date Communications in the bush means the cloud can be closer than you think. We have spent time with Telstra and their suppliers selecting the absolute best Modem Router for the bush. This is set up as your “HUB”! There will always be changes but you will have a solid infrastruc­ture to plug n play with.

digital darkroom 12v networking hub for high end users off road caravanThis 12V powered "hub router" is at the heart of the system with these special features: 

The "Hub" is a high speed wireless and wired switch that allows you to connect a Network attached storage hard disc and to access this through a high speed wireless interface within 20m of the hub. There is also a wired Gigabit speed ethernet connection.

It has an interface to the NextG Network by Telstra 

It has a USB port to connect a back up Disc, a network attached storage or a USB. 

You can also add a regular telephone handset and use it over the data connection as a dedicated line 

There are 3 sources of power available in most Kimberley products:

  • 12V power is available all the time. This is the most efficient power source
  • 5V power used for USB chargers in 1A or 2A ratings.
  • 240V power is available via an inverter. Whilst this is convenient to use for most chargers of laptops, phones and cameras, it is the most inefficient. The 240V power is passed through an converter to get it back to a lower DC voltage like 12V or 5V or even 19V. What happens when the inverter is running on the batteries, is the power goes from 12VDC to 240VAC where you plug in and back to the lower voltage like 12VDC. The efficency of this is probably around 50%.

With digital cameras and laptops you will probably need all 3 of these. So we locate where the equipment is stored the following:

  •  2 x 240V outlet to the inverter on board
  •  2 x 12V outlet to the battery system
  •  1 x 5V USB powered outlet

It is very important that the 240V outlet is protected by a surge protector to the Australian standard in the unlikely event that a generator runs out of fuel (3000V spike is typical) or the site power has a surge. This is standard in the Kimberley Karavan Ltd Edition, Eco-suite and Kruiser Models. It is optional in the others and is highly recommended.

On the one hand you can survive without any networking. But on the other hand, if you have it, life is easier! So we install as a HUB a Modem Router with a Gigbit ethernet port and high speed wireless links.

Connect the Gigabit Ethernet port to your Network Attached Storage and hey presto you have instant access from your PC or Mac using the wireless link. It is far faster to backup with a direct connection but a slower and secure backup using the WiFi should also meet your requirements. It means you can backup from anywhere in the camp area!

Download our new eBook to read more of what is available.