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Off-Road Caravans and Camper Trailers | Batteries & Solar

14 Technologies from Kimberley so you can camp as long as you like and wherever you like!

One of the Four Technology "Centres of Excellence", this is the core technology to be independent with power available whenever you want.

Super Thin Solar Panels for Kimberley Kruiser

The image shows the Super Light Solar compared to regular glass solar panels.

A High Performance Energy System is measured by High Power, Low Weight.
Using Super Thin Solar, Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells, Integrated together
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High Performance Energy Systems for off road caravans and camper trailers

Off-road Camper Trailers
Off-road Caravans
Off-road Caravans Full-Size

Deep-cycle AGM Batteries but with a form factor that minimises the weight held internally by the post structure to minimise failure from vibration. A maximum weight of 12 kgs per battery is used.
AGM batteries 210 Ahr

AGM Batteries have a good cycle life if less than 50% of their capacity is used each time they cycle. Their charge efficiency is just over 60%.


High performance Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. These have the Battery Management Unit built into each battery as designed by Kimberley. There is both a current protection unit AND a battery and protection unit monitoring module that watches over the 2 components and has an LED indicator. These weigh less than 25% of the weight of the AGM batteries for the same capacity usage.
lithium batteries off road camper trailer

lithium battery comparison to AGM batteries

These batteries are good for 95% discharge. Thaey have a charge efficiency of 96%.

High current flow high performance Energy System.
high performance lithium battery system off road caravan

When the 2.2kW split air-conditioning system starts up, there is a 4 x current surge of over 400A that has prohibited caravans and boats from using batteries as a power source. This is no longer a prolem with this special design from Kimberley. High power flow components in a special design with 480Ah of Lithium batteries in a compact foot-print.


Hybrid Smart performance Energy System.

hybrid power off road caravan

The 2.2kW split air-conditioning system uses only 1kW of electrical energy when running. However on start up, there is a 4 x current surge of over 400A. This Hybrid design uses the high performance energy system to provide the 4 x surge on start up and operate the rest of the time on the generator. This gives prolonged battery life.

Carrying and handling a 1kW generator is significantly easier, quieter and uses less fuel than a 2-2.8kW unit.


Smart-touch Energy System Metering. This is a distributed system which has the smart chip mounted to the current shunt. The rugged ethernet cable plugs directly into the shunt and all the data is stored at each shunt. The water tank metering is ultra-sonic with the same chip based technology and can be used on fresh water and grey water tanks.
smart touch display for energy monitoring off road

The display is a touch colour display like a smart phone in size.


Portable 1600W-1800W Fuel Cell. These use methanol cartridges and have 35 times the stored energy compared to an AGM battery for the same weight. They are virtually silent and the by product after use is pure water.
methanol fuel cell off road

They are used as a back-up for periods of poor or no solar capacity.

Built-in 25W Solar Panel for constantly charging and conditioning the batteries. An issue with AGM batteries is sulphation. A solution is to have a constant elevated charge accross the batteries trickle charging these batteries regularly. In addition when fully exposed, they will deliver 8-10Amp hours a day which is a handy battery top up that requires no setting up nor maintenance.
25W solar permanenetly connect to off road camper

The units are fixed to the front lid of the Delta Box.


100W Portable Solar Panel Suitcase. These panel store in a specially made cartidge in the front lid of the Delta box. Unless point out, you would not see them or know there are there.
100W solar suitcase and storage cartridge in camper trailer

180W Super Light Solar panel kit

When in camp they are easily deployed and connect to a MPPT solar controller.

MPPT Super charged controllers. These deliver improved performance of up to 30% above regular controllers but they need to be carefully matched to the solar panels AND the other charging devices.
MPPT solar controller off road camper

Purchasing "off the shelf" MPPT controllers will generally lead to a "conflict" with the 240V battery charger if they are connected at the same time. This can also be the case with the vehcile charging syste, The Kimberley MPPT controller and multi-charge interface does NOT conflict with other devices and allows simultaneous charging from the vehicle and solar and fuel cell if connected.

LED Lighting. There is tradeoff of lighting intensity and attracting insects. All the Kimberley LED lights have NO UV in their spectrum and are set over 6500 degree Kelvin in colour temperature. However, high intensity will still atract insects. So the dimmable technology used gives the best of both worlds.
LED above Bed no UV camper trailer

The large high intensity readinging lights have no visible LED "dots" that give an irritating multiple shadow point. The LEDS reflect internally then through a dispersion glass for a 150mm even clean light.
round dimmable LED lights in caravan

Magnetic strip lights are used for additional outside lighting while camping. Switches at the light and all 'single body" switches that are vibration proof.
magnetic LED light on camper trailer

Black Magic light switching uses proximity sensors for activation. There are no traditional light switches. This means no finger marks and dirty wet hands can activate the lights.

black magic lighting in the Kimberley Kruiser off road caravan

The 3 way switching of the toilet light from either side of the bed as well as in the master ensuite lets you turn on the light at night from bed and see clearly to the ensuite.


Super-thin Solar Panels use conventional mono-crystalline wafers but no glass top. Instead the wafers are bonded to aluminium using Dupont technology for a super light weight solution. The delivered power output is typically 50-100W per panel in size and these are in arrays up to 720W on the T3 model.

super thin solar weight saving over glass solar panels

These panels are hailstone proof and easily cleaned.

Surge protection for lightning and generator surges. When most generators run out of fuel there can be a short power spike of over 3000V. This could damage the electronics on board. Likewise mobile power in some towns in Northern Australia are under or over voltage with surges. Protection is a must. An Australian company has developed Approved 240V surge and spike protectors that are mounted in the DIN rail power distribution cabinet. They are a specially sourced product that are not available to consumers.

surge protection on 240V bus power supply caravan

Kimberley have provided over 1,000 of these with excellent results.

• - indicates this technology is available for this model as either a standard inclusing or as a priced option. To see what is included on each model please see individual pricing sheets available online.

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