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2017 Kimberley Karavan Classic Off-Road Caravan

classic offroad caravan in the Australian bush

The Kimberley Karavan was first released in 2006 under an international patent for its electrical lift and opening system. It was the first Fibreglass off-road caravan in Australia. Since then over 750 have been built. It’s lightweight design reduces fuel costs, makes towing easy and it can go anywhere. Hundreds of these Karavans have crossed the Simpson, the CSR, every route to the Cape and any other difficult trek imaginable!


Download the 2018 Brochure for Prices** and specs of Classic starts at $87,420**

Model eBook

off-road caravan Kimberley Kampers
Karavan Model EBook

**This price is ex-factory in Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges. Specifications and inclusiona may change. Please consult your dealer.

Option Prices shown in the Detailed Pricebook Download on the right of the panel above..

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You will get:

  • Kimberley Innovation
  • Kimberley Quality
  • Kimberley After Sales Support
  • 5 Year Chassis Warranty
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured in Ballina NSW

    Standard in every 2018 model: Lithium Batteries, all super-light Black Optima Solar arrays with new smart controllers, and the Smart Touch Plus. This system only reads information and is NOT a remote control system. We still use traditional switches. Most models have Smart refrigeration and all are equipped for the automated waterless toilet if you choose this option.

    Lithium Batteries on EVERY KIMBERLEY MODEL.
    200Ah Bluetooth Lithium Battery_9918_s.jpg
    • 200Ahr Lithium Battery in every model
    • 600Ahr available for Kruiser S, T Class
    • Bluetooth connected for monitoring and event records
    • Charges at twice the speed of conventional AGM or Lead crystal batteries
    • Great weight reduction.
    • Long cycle life

    • NEW Gorilla Glass high definition display in every model
    • Batteries, water tank levels on all models.
    • Solar, Inverter, Fridge and Freezer temp and power on selected models
    • Smartphone bluetooth connected for every model.
    • With Kimberley SmartRV on Wifi*, there is remote service access to your system from anywhere in the world. Security feature prevents spamming.

    Smartphone app for every model: easy to follow second screen:smart-touch-plus-showing-on-phone-App-screen-modified-voda.jpg
    • for battery, water levels, grey water, solar system, refrigeration.
    • Bluetooth connection : no internet needed.
    • "Future proof" with planned CI-Bus compatibility to Dometic, Truma, and Alko products. This should enable remote control of air-conditioning and heating from your smartphone. (CI-Bus is Caravan Industry Bus which Kimberley is committed to)
    New MPPT solar controllers (also bluetooth app connected) will replenish energy much faster with the Black Optima Solar: 140W - 1,020W
    The greatest innovation to off-road camping is the waterless toilet:
    • 80 uses, no smell, no need for dump station.
    • Available in every model and equipped with:
      • a booster fan,
      • a 12V heater
      • and a removable liner.


    With lighter vehicles and improved vehicle braking, there is a greater need for more efficient braking in caravans. Simply put: if the vehicle is lighter and brakes faster and stronger than the caravan, the caravan inertia will push to a jack knife scenario. The solution is to have stronger and more powerful brakes in the caravan that act as a "parachute" behind the vehicle.

    Kimberley have released the most powerful disc braking ever with Lightweight ventilated disc braking and dynamic Kimberley callipers.

    As a comparison these are significantly more powerful than the Alko disc system because of a higher controlled hydraulic pressure.
    • Using Lithium and Superlight solar achieves Weight reduction of: 60kgs -120kgs : easier to tow, longer range
    • Matching Wheels and Tyres for European 120mm PCD standard:
      • Match Landrover Discovery 3, 4 & 5 , Range Rover, Touareg, Amarok.
    classic offroad caravan interior looking forwards

    classic offroad caravan interior looking forwards

    classic offroad caravan interior looking forwards

    classic offroad caravan interior looking forwards

    classic offroad caravan interior looking forwards