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Kimberley manufacture and distribute Off Road Recreational Accommodation

Travelling light is more than just weight and space – it is also about easy setup. Our range suits both couples travelling on quick trips as well as families for longer stays with a range of models and a range of outside living options. Most of our features are built around a design requirement that if you can’t set it up in a few minutes, it is not the right design.

Rather than providing oversized batteries, normal lights & LPG fridges, we have designed the most energy efficient systems in the industry.Our Tropical Roof optimises comfort. Our water systems offer multiple water tanks as well as enabling you to easily pump from streams & billabong to optimise water cartage. Our diesel systems have a much lower cost of operation than LPG. You can stay longer & travel lighter with our systems.

We research innovative ideas suggested by customers then finalise a practical design that will enhance your travels. Our Electronic Disc braking is very easy to use, Our Diesel Hot water is virtually on demand, Our under mattress membrane heater is simple, Our Kamper Extended Tent increases space, Our Space Heater is quiet and effective. There are over 24 Trademarks and Patents as a result.

True camping is most enjoyable “off the beaten track” - which often means “off-road”! Our products will travel anywhere off-road that your vehicle can safely go

This is our signature. You reduce fuel consumption and have easier towing with a compact shape. When camping, accommodation is big and spacious.Our high head room in every model gives space and coolness in the summer. Our large 5 layer design bed system gives comfort for big people. Our zip on bedrooms and awnings can stay on when travelling. Together with MYCUBE, you can now travel with 4 adults and 3 children in comfort.

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