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Off-road Caravan | Taking a Boat

Discover more about the size, weight and performance of Boat Choices for the Kimberley Karavan


Essential Guide to Easy Traveling with Boat & Outboard for off-road camping

Guide to using sustainable technology with off road caravans for lowest cost of operationIf you arrive at Cape Leveque with a boat, it is hard to imagine experiencing all of Australia without a boat.

Designing for off-road travel to out-of-the-way places is more than an is the structured science of getting so much functionality for so little weight and making it compact and durable. And this fits perfectly with boats, particularly for smaller boats you carry off-road. This guide covers these topics:

Performance versus Weight: Summary of Rigs and Weight
Where to store the Outboard?
What size Boat?
Using a Boat Loader
Folding Boat Trailers
Storing the Folding Boat Trailer
The Most eco-friendly solution is a RIB and electric outboard
Summary of RIB Advantages and Disadvantages
If you love fishing, there are thousands of places and hundreds of species to discover. If you just love exploring, then you can't experience ALL of Australia without taking a boat with you off road.

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Hundreds of Exciting Places to Fish
Experience ALL of Australia
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